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More than 50% of people today look for businesses online first. So the first time you actually meet your potential customers is actually when they land on your website.

If you want me to, yes. I can either build it for you and teach you how to manage it yourself, or I can manage it for you for a monthly fee.

Yes, I do. I have a few packages you can choose from, or we can discuss more if you want something that doesn’t fit any of these packages.

Yes. I find it’s the best option to customize everything we might ever need.

Yes, of course, it’s one of the pillars of my web development beliefs. More than 50% of traffic is from mobile nowadays, so any website has to be easy to use on mobile.

Yes, of course. We can either build on the design you already have (colors, fonts) or we can create a full branding set from scratch. Your business, your choice.

There are plenty of ways to do this, and it will mostly depend on your business. We’ll set up a strategy together and ensure it works for you and your business.

Not that many yet, at least not officially. But I have my own blog and I design everything myself, including eBooks and other products for it, and I take care of my email marketing.